Recruiting services

The days of hiring quality candidates simply by placing ads on job boards or sending a couple of emails to your network are over.  Count on Capstone Certified HR Advisors to help you build your talent pipeline.


DIrect hires

Capstone Certified HR Advisors will help you source, interview, screen and build the very best candidate pipeline from which you can select your next new hire.  We offer a variety of pricing options to include services for a flat fee, discounts for multiple hires and the more traditional percentage of the annual salary pricing structure.  You choose the platform that best works for you.


Is your Company in the beginning stages of designing your initial recruiting strategy or looking to redesign your current recruiting plan that stopped meeting your Company’s needs?  Capstone Certified HR Advisors can assess your current recruiting program and help your Company design a long-term recruiting strategy that supports your company’s goals. 

Internship Programs

An April 2018, study from Glassdoor ( shows that 40% of the workforce are more likely to apply for a job when they are familiar with the company’s brand.  Incorporating interns into your talent pipeline can be a win/win.  Your company will have the opportunity to help groom young, talented future professionals, helping them to become workforce ready.  In return, your company will benefit from word of mouth marketing, have an opportunity to "test-drive the talent" and see reductions in time spent onboarding as interns will already be familiar with your company.   Contact Capstone Certified HR Advisors to help you design and build successful internship strategies that will support your organization now as well as enhance your future talent pipeline.