HR Audits

Conducting a comprehensive HR audit is important because it mitigates many risks associated with operating your business.  More and more employers are challenged to balance the day to day needs of their businesses, while also maintaining compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.  Finally, if you have one particular area of concern these audits can be tailored to meet your company's specific auditing needs. Gain piece of mind and identify potential areas of concerns today!

Organizational Audit

  • Are materials filed in the proper file?

  • Is your company onboarding employees in a consistent, organized manner?

  • Is your company conducting reviews in an ongoing and consistent manner?

  • Is your company follow proper record and retention guidelines?

compliance audit

  • Are your company policies, procedures in line with federal, state and local laws?

  • Are your employees classified properly?

  • Collection of I-9 data and storage of I-9 documentation.

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance

Strategic AUDIT

  • How can HR help your company?

  • Assessing your company's workforce stability.

  • Aligning HR and the strategic direction of the organization.

  • What programs can be implemented to support your company's mission and help the company reach its goals?