internship programs

One of the more significant advantages of providing internships is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent. Before hiring an intern, an employer must understand how interns will fit within the company’s goals and culture.  Capstone Certified HR Advisors, LLC will help your organization design its internship program, develop a database of schools to build your intern pipeline, make connections and introductions to the right educational professionals to partner with, provide training to your supervisory staff before launch and develop materials to evaluate the program's success.


The race is on to attract and recruit talented interns.   Your company will benefit from a well-designed internship program if it is a program your company believes in, is structured to provide a meaningful learning experience for the student, provides training that supports their education and is evaluated and monitored on an ongoing basis.  If you have a well-designed internship program, you’ll attract the best students, and boost your company's brand.

INTERNS can strengthen your talent pIPELINE

Converting interns to full-time employees is a tried and true approach to fill your talent pool. Treat your interns well, teach them your business, allow them to experience all your company has to offer, keep in touch with them after the internship and hire them after graduation.  Their on-boarding and ramp-up time is significantly reduced and both parties have the benefit of " knowing what they signed up for.  You are already family with the intern’s work ethic and the intern understand your company's culture. 

internship programs benefit your current employees as well

Many employees look forward to having the opportunity to mentor someone.  Mentors gain the opportunity to practice important “soft skills” such active listening, effective communication strategies, and strengthening interpersonal skills .  A mentorship program will be a win/win in that it can help enhance your Company's culture and supports the student's career goals and ongoing learning.

Capstone certified HR Advisors can help YOu!

The professionals at Capstone Certified HR Advisors can help your company build its internship program.  From setting the program's goals, making connections with local colleges, designing training opportunities that align with both your company's needs and the intern's educational goals, sourcing and interviewing interns, and evaluating the program's success from the perspective of both the intern and the mentor. 

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