Packages for Recent Graduates

Hire a professional from Capstone Certified HR Advisors to help you develop an employment profile that best represents you.

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cum laude package


A Tailored Approach - This is not simply a resume editing service.  Your service starts with a 45 minute consultation call to ensure your resume truly represents your skills, abilities and accomplishments. 

Resume Help - Received finalized documents in PDF and Word Formats, including two rounds of revision

LinkedIn - Editing of your LinkedIn to ensure your profile complements  your resume.

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Magna cum laude packagE


All the benefits of the Cum Laude Package, Plus

Cover Letter Guidance. Differentiate yourself.  Discover strategies for cover letters that will get you noticed.  Learn what to include (and what to leave out) when writing your cover letters. 

Interview Preparation Guidance -Be prepared for your in-person interviews.  Learn questions you should be asking your potential employer during the interview and strategies for follow up. 

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summa cum laude package


All the benefits of the Magna Cum Laude Package, Plus

Job Search Strategies - Learn strategies to tailor your approach to job-searches and allow you to focus on roles and opportunities best suited for you.

Mock interview - Practice makes perfect!  Spend 45 minutes with an HR professional and practice your interview skills in real time.  Learn how your body language and other non-verbal cues can speak louder than your verbal responses.