Agile Workplace Staffing

Agile Workplace Staffing

Jennifer Morales/Capstone Certified HR Advisors has been an incredible help to our staffing agency. She helped us identify and align our current in-house staffs’ strengths, defining their job descriptions and career paths within our organization. Jennifer has enhanced our onboarding process, improved upon our offer letters and employee handbook and all other HR components required by state and federal labor laws. She is accountable, dependable, a great resource to have and work with, an excellent compliance partner, and expert in the field of HR.

Rosmery Torres

VP of Finance, Agile Workplace Staffing

Bell Tower Home Health Agency

Bell Tower Home Health Agency

Jennifer Morales/Capstone Certified HR Advisors has been an outstanding resource to our home health care agency. Not only has she help us realign our current administrative staff to be in roles that maximize everyone’s abilities, but she has also set us up on the right path for growth along with training and coaching our very own recruiter.

She helps us stay compliance in terms of personnel files but also offer letters, job descriptions, employee handbook, and all other HR components required by state and federal labor laws. She stays on top of changing labor laws in our state and provides training and follow up when needed. She is reliable, accommodating, and has been wonderful to work with over the past year. She is an expert in her field.

Yokasta Campana, RN

Director of Clinical Services, Bell Tower Home Health Care LLC

Gemini Dogs (Smaller Employer)

Gemini Dogs (Smaller Employer)

I've owned my business since 2006, and always thought that the HR end of things would be easy to handle on my own. I made it work for 12 years, and then I decided to update our employee handbook and look for some help with that, to be certain we were compliant with the labor laws. When I contacted Jennifer, we immediately clicked, and she was so incredibly helpful that we decided to place her on retainer to help with some other issues that had popped up around the same time. This was the BEST decision I have ever made. Jennifer has been invaluable to our company, and I don't know how I ever did it without her.

She is super-responsive and always gets back to me very quickly to answer any questions that pop up, alleviating the stress of not knowing all the possible ramifications of the various circumstances surrounding Workers Compensation, Unemployment Claims, and hiring decisions. She is extremely knowledgeable, and worth every penny! I wish I had hired her years ago.

Michelle Allen, Owner

Gemini Dogs, Inc.

Littleton, MA

Cefriel USA, Inc. (International Company)

Cefriel USA, Inc. (International Company)

The team at Cefriel describes Capstone Certified HR Advisors’s work as “really brilliant.”

As a Company whose headquarters are in Milan, Italy, we are “strangers” to operating a business in the US. The proficiency and expertise is exactly what we need to run properly our company in USA. Jennifer’s commitment is what we appreciate the most, because it doesn’t underline only her competence, but her diligence in providing great services for us.

Cefriel is a digital innovation center that creates products, services and processes, participates in international research programs and develops digital culture and skills. In 30 years of activity Cefriel has delivered projects and solutions for Italian and multinational companies, especially in UK, Switzerland, France and USA.

Founded in 1988 by Politecnico di Milano, today it includes as shareholders University of Milan, University of Milan Bicocca, Insubria University, the Lombardy Region and 17 multinational companies.

Giovanni Paltenghi, Business Development Director, Cefriel

Roberta Letorio, HR Manager, Cefriel

Giuseppe Alongi, Financed Projects Coordinator, Cefriel